Best Clinic for Acne Scars Treatment in Dwarka, Delhi

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Best Clinic for Acne Scars Treatment in Dwarka, Delhi

If you are looking for the best clinic for acne scars treatment then you must contact Macrocosm Aesthetics at Dwarka, Delhi.

3 Golden Rules to Treat Acne Scars

  1. Subcision
  2. Collagen Build-up
  3. Hydration

1 Subcision

Subcision is performed under local anesthesia. A moderate-sized needle is then inserted under the skin with the bevel upwards to release the fibrous strands.

2 Collagen Build -Up

Treatments like Micro needle RF, CO2 laser, TIxel, Dermapen result (tiny) puncture holes are basically small injuries to your skin. When your body recognizes this, It jumps into healing mode and starts producing collagen and elastin. This works to plump the skin and improve the appearance of scarring.

3 Hydration

Procedures such as PRP and Dermal Fillers help hydrating the skin also Platelets and Hyaluronic acid are naturally occurring substance which hydrates the skin and supports the production of collagen and improve the appearance pf scarring.

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