Non-surgical Facelift

Non-surgical facelift is the use of Minimally invasive non – surgical procedure to address the effects of ageing and to Rejuvenate and Refresh your appearance.

It is not a single procedure or treatment but a combination of several procedures.

Ageing and Gravity cause the skin to sag and droop. This happens because of loss of skin volume, strength and elasticity.

Non – surgical facelift techniques do not involve making any skin incision or overnight stay and one can move out of the doctors clinic with minimal downtime and negligible discomfort.

One can count on the non-surgical facelift for tightening and re-shaping and slimming of face to look more youthful and rejuvenated.

Types of non-surgical Facelift

  1. Dermal Fillers: Dermal fillers is a prime example of Non- Surgical facelift, they restore ‘ Lost volume’ along the ‘ Cheeks’ , Temples, Lips and Under Eye immediately after procedure
  2. Thread Lift: In this procedure doctor insert very fine threads in the problematic area of the Face to give it a Natural- Youthful looking lift
  3. BOTOX: Botox is yet another critical component of the non surgical face lift and is unmatched when it comes to smoothing wrinkles, forehead creases, frown lines and Crow’s Feet and Eyebrows lift

This procedure relaxes the targeted muscle temporarily, ‘Ironing out’ facial Lines, that are usually the result of repetitive expression such as smiling or laughing.

Needless treatment for non-surgical Facelift

 There are also non-surgical facelift procedures that skip the needle altogether.

Needless treatment come in various types:

Laser treatment

Laser treatment are yet another technique for a Non-Surgical facelift. The brilliant laser treatment takes less than an hour and improves the quality and glow of the skin by tightening the pores.

Micro-needling Radiofrequency

This is a Popular treatment option which work on skin texture and Refines the open pores. It needs few sessions that are two to four weeks apart. Sometimes, it is supplemented with cocktails if vitamins and Antioxidants to maximise the Benefits.


This is Freezing technique to dissolve the excess fat under the chin. It’s Done before other procedure for a Facelift to   give the Face a defined Jawline and improve the lifting effect.

Following procedures require one to two sessions & are painless and needs no downtime

Chemical Peels

A simple method for non-surgical Facelift using advanced chemical peels.

  • This is a trusted non-invasive technique
  • Advanced chemical peel shrinks large pores and improve overall skin quality

HIFU Technology

High-intensity focus ultrasound (HIFU) is the most advanced FDA  Approved technology.

  • It stimulates The production of collagen by using ultrasound energy to result in firmer skin, it is used the most for the treatment of double chin in addition to facelifts
  • Just one session is needed which can be repeated annually or according to patients need and there is no down time
  • Usually, the cosmetologist use a combined approach to reach the best result possible, considering the age, skin quality, general health status and previous treatment done